Chilton Furniture, an iconic, family-owned Maine company with a 150 year old history has been sold to Chilton Holdings, Co.  The new owners have pledged to preserve the qualities that have helped to build Chilton Furniture’s reputation into a national brand, selling only American-made furniture inspired by Shaker designs, made with the same attention to  craftsmanship that has stood the test of time since the founding of the Shaker community in 1747.  Most of Chilton’s furniture is handcrafted in a small Maine factory with Shaker-like dedication to workmanship, function and simplicity of line and form.  

 The Chilton name is as old as New England. James Chilton and his family were passengers on the Mayflower. Legend has it that James’ daughter, Mary Chilton, was the first to set foot on Plymouth Rock. She was reportedly so excited to arrive in the New World that she leapt from the dingy and waded ashore.

 Descendants of Mary Chilton formed a corporation in Portland, Maine during the manufacturing boom that followed the Civil War, becoming one of the Country’s first conglomerates.  Chilton Furniture is an outgrowth of that company, and continues today as one of America’s foremost family-owned businesses.

 As an avid supporter of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, Chilton Furniture has underwritten the production of a video interview with the last surviving members of the Shaker community.  A notable exhibit is currently on display at Rockland, Maine’s Farnsworth Art Museum, The Shakers: from Mount Lebanon to the world.

 CBI acted as advisor to the owners of Chilton Furniture, and assisted in the successful negotiation and transition of this business when this iconic Maine business was sold to Chilton Holdings, Co.

 CBI is committed to helping the owners of family-owned businesses develop and implement their exit strategy, just as we did for Chilton Furniture.

 Managing Business Transactions Throughout New England & Atlantic Canada




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Several years ago we assisted the founder of Dunbar Water Systems, Carl Dunbar, in the sale of his business.  At that time we promised Carl we would identify the most highly qualified buyer to continue his tradition of delivering exceptional service, and grow his family owned business.

We kept that promise!  Kevin Kaserman took the reins, and within just a few short years has grown Dunbar Water Systems to be one of the largest water system service companies in Maine, delivering full water treatment care to homeowners across the state.DR logo

Now, in a growth related move, Kevin has led Dunbar Water Systems in its acquisition by Dead River Company.  This unique combination makes perfect sense for both companies and their customers.  Dead River has a commitment to ensuring their customers’ comfort, safety and energy-efficiency.  By acquiring Dunbar Water Systems Dead River is now in a position to deliver additional services to its customers, and help maximize their homes’ heating equipment.Dunbar logo

CBI acted as advisor to the Dunbar family, and assisted in the successful negotiation and transition of this business when Dunbar Water Systems was sold to Kevin Kaserman.

Congratulations to Kevin and his team on their business achievements.  We wish them the best of luck in their future role at Dead River Company.

CBI is committed to helping the owners of family-owned businesses develop and implement their exit strategy, just as we did for Carl Dunbar, and his family.

Managing Business Transactions Throughout New England & Atlantic Canada


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Smaha’s Market Sold To Alan Cardinal

Congratulations to Alan Cardinal on his acquisition of Smaha’s Legion Square Market in South Portland, Maine! Smaha’s earned it’s reputation in the community for quality meats and produce with outstanding customer service.  This family run business has been a community fixture for 73 years.

When Tom Smaha contacted me to discuss the sale of his business he expressed his desire to maintain the same small town quality and excellent service the market is known for, as well as concern for his employees.  Tom was referred to me by his attorneys as they recognized we specialize in the sale and ownership transition of family owned businesses.

Tom’s goal is exactly what I found in Alan Cardinal, who had expressed the same desire to maintain the reputation of Smaha’s in the community and operate in it’s family run tradition.  When you are in the neighborhood stop in and say hello to Alan and pick up some of the best meat available in the local area.  You won’t be disappointed.

If you are considering the sale of your business contact me to learn more about how I can help you achieve similar results.

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Internet based multi faceted business for sale

Call me directly to learn about this multi faceted business. (207) 619-1745


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Congratulations 2012 Maine Business Person of the Year!

Congratulations to Michael Cote, President and CEO of Look’s Gourmet Foods Co. Inc., in Whiting, Maine!

 Michael R. Cote has been named 2012 Business Person of the Year. On May 17, 2012, the U.S. Small Business Administration celebrated National Small Business Week with recognition of Maine’s Best at the Augusta Civic Center.

Founded in 1917, Look’s Gourmet Foods is a distributor of premium food products that relfect Maine’s national reputation for authenticity and quality. The company prides itself in maintaining simple, but also original, ingredients and recipes, all of which come from the state of Maine. In keeping with the generational Maine tradition, the products at Look’s Gourmet Foods are generally packed and canned by hand.

As the new owner of Look’s Gourmet Foods, Michael Cote was able to advance the company despite the loss of prominence for seafood distribution in Maine. Now a Maine resident, Michael Cote married his background in marketing with a knowledge of Maine’s natural industries in order to leverage the company to a new level of success.

CBI acted as advisor to the owner and assisted in the successful negotiation and transition of this business when Look’s Canning Company was sold to Look’s Gourmet Food Co., Inc.

Congratulations to Michael Cote on his business achievements, and we wish him the best of luck in the future.

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A Maine tradition that is still turning today.

Wells Wood Turning and Finishing, Inc. is proud to be one of the few Maine wood turning companies that continues its operations in today’s markets. Despite the state’s history of once hosting a plethora of wood turning sites, only a handful of these businesses remain today.

The owners of Wells Wood Turning & Finishing, Alan Chesney and TomWallace, have fostered their company to success by instituting leen processing techniques that allow for greater productivity and ensure high quality. As Chesney explains, the wood is certified as sustainably harvested and meets specific paint and priniting standards of quality. Chesney and Wallace have also found success by marketing toward a specific consumer niche. Made in the company’s own mill in Buckfield, Maine, Wells’ products are produced at an efficiently fast pace. Led by a team of over 25 employees, the products made at Wells include door knobs and mini baseball bates, and even easter eggs!

Wells Wood Turning and Finishing was recently featured in The Portland Press Herald for providing the  wooden easter eggs for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll egg hunt. This year marked the sixth year that Chesney and Wallace and their staff at Wells Wood Turning and Finishing produced the eggs for the White House hunt. The same eggs are also now for sale as collectible items through the National Park Service



Over the years CBI has worked to help Maine business owners maintain Maine’s manufacturing heritage. Alan Chesney and Tom  Wallace are proud United States manufacturers, and owe their success to a focus on the consumer and a willingness to take advantage of new opportunities. Over eight years ago, CBI assisted the former owner of Wells Wood Turning in the sale of his company to Alan and Tom.   Together they have continued that tradition of Maine excellence and we are proud to have helped Alan and Tom acheive their goals.  

CBI acted as advisor to the owner and assisted in the successful negotiation and transition of this business when Wells Wood Turning & Finishing was sold to its current owners. If you are considering the sale of your business, or when you are ready to buy a successful company like Wells Wood Turning & Finishing, we may have your solution.



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Unique toy manufacturer springs to the top.


CBI is pleased to announce the sale of Rich Frog Industries, Inc., a well established proprietary toy manufacturer with a 17 year history of successful operations.

Rich Frog Industries is a unique manufacturing business that has been designing, producing, and distributing kid friendly toys for almost two decades. The products made at Rich Frog Industries are original and fun but also safe for users ages 3 through 12 years old. Rich Frog Industries has developed and maintained a diversified cumstomer base, a base that will continue to be served by the company’s new owner.

Finding a suitable buyer for Rich Frogs Industries proved to be no easy task, as a buyer has to be comfortable with the diverse aspects of the business. The buyer must be creatively inclined in order to continually introduce new and unique toy designs. In addition, the buyer must also possess the financial capital required to manage the company’s overseas operations. In our efforts to find a prospective buyer who meets these qualificiations, we utilized CBI’s proprietary data base of prospecive “buyers:” (they’re really only suspects until they actually buy something). In keeping with our record of success, CBI faciliated a successful transition between the previous owner and the current owner.

 If you are considering the sale of your business, or when you are ready to buy a successful company like Rich Frogs Industries, Inc., we may have your solution, or we can help you spring to success, just as we did for the former owner of Rich Frogs Industries.  

All businesses are offered through Country Business, Inc.  Since 1976, New England’s only regional business broker with results that speak for themselves.

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In this case, 2,472 miles to be exact!

We approach the sale of our client’s business as a process – one covering all the bases to be successful.  It starts with the most fundamental aspect of a comprehensive marketing plan by developing a profile of the most likely buyer.  It’s the old adage, “The right buyer will pay the right price.”

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Riverside Cartop Carriers, a Portsmouth, NH-based manufacturer and distributor of outdoor sports accessories, by Seattle Sports, Inc.  Riverside pioneered the development of cartop carriers for the canoe and kayak enthusiasts, and for the last 25 years Riverside’s products have dominated that segment of the market, as the first, and still the leading brand in the market.

Seattle Sports, Inc. a leading manufacturer and distributor of active outdoor sports  equipment and accessories came to CBI through our direct contact after I traveled to Salt Lake City to attend the industry’s largest Outdoor Sports Show.  While there, I was able to visit with most of the companies in the field, gain an understanding of their current product lines, and determine which of the many companies in attendance would be the most likely buyers for this product line.  I was able to identify nearly 50 companies I believed could be convinced of the benefit of this acquisition.

With that buyer profile in hand the next step was to analyze our client’s customer base to determine the incremental contribution to gross profit this acquisition would bring to a target company.  In the case of Riverside and Seattle Sports, they shared some customers but it was clear that adding each other’s to the mix would greatly expand Seattle Sport’s market penetration though a product line extension and leverage off of Riverside’s 25 year sales history.  Relationships matter, and after 25 years Riverside had developed strong and profitable relationships with some of the nation’s largest outdoor sports retailers.  Those relationships, intangible as they may be, were key to attracting the level of interest we achieved and ultimately led to the successful conclusion of this transaction.

Expert analysis of our client’s company, identifying the intangible value drivers that will come into play in a transaction, and negotiating a complex acquisition agreement between two of the largest active sports manufacturers, are all part of the process that sets us apart.  It’s all about “going the extra mile” for our clients; even when it means 2,472 miles!

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The Rogers Collection and Taylor Griffin

Maine lost a visionary entrepreneur this week with the tragic death of Taylor Griffin, President of The Rogers Collection.  Taylor was noted throughout the food industry for his achievements in bringing luxury foods of distinctive quality to the American table. 

The Rogers Collection is known especially for its imports of olive oil, cheese and ham produced in Italy and Spain by family-run companies committed to traditional production methods.  These companies, and the foods they produce, reflect the passion that Taylor had for fine food and wine, and were in demand by top chefs and gourmet food retailers throughout the country. 

 In 2006 Food and Wine Magazine recognized Taylor as “one of 15 spectacular talents who have changed the world of food and wine”.

I was honored to have worked with Taylor Griffin and Dick Rogers, founder of The Rogers Collection, when Taylor took control of the company in 2003.

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Say what you want about bankers in these times of tight credit but the good ones know a solid business when they see it.  In fact, this banker recognized the opportunity and bought the company!

Congratulations to Tipperary Stone Products, LLC on their acquisition of Arthur’s Memorials of North Conway, NH.  Arthur’s Memorials is the area’s largest provider of granite memorials, granite hardscape products, signs, and other custom fabricated granite products.  Arthur’s Memorials serves the Mt. Washington Valley of New Hampshire and beyond.  With over 40 years of experience Arthur’s Memorials has been recognized as a leader in its field, developing innovative designs, methods, and services for individuals, commercial accounts, and municipalities throughout northern New England. 

Tipperary Stone Products acquired Arthur’s Memorials as they saw this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire this well known cutting edge company.   Most similar companies rarely become available to the general public and the owners wanted to continue the long tradition of serving the needs of the Valley’s residents by leveraging on Arthur’s Memorials’ 40 year history of success.

We are proud of our track record, bringing successful companies and highly qualified buyers together just as we did for Arthur’s Memorials and Tipperary Stone Products.  Our record of success speaks for itself – 35 years and still New England’s leading business broker.

If you are interested in learning more about our brokerage service contact me directly to arrange a confidential meeting.  As the principal broker of the oldest and most successful brokerage firm in New England I welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals.


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